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Jul 25, 2011 12:00am PDT
mitt romney or jon huntsman or michele bachmann. chris: and trashing his opponent? >> the public may not want to see it but they will get it. in the past even though they say they don't want to see it, it worked in the past. >> the very same democratic campaign running against republican extremism. chris: let me ask you, john, i think the voter doesn't want to be told you have no choice. stuck with an incumbent who's dead in the water, who's not moving the economy. by the way, you can't pick this other guy. doesn't that make voters say i'm voting for reagan. i'm voting -- >> the message it sends is stay home. >> independents often don't want the same candidate twice. they are the most moveable group. chris: really? that's the history. >> the question is as opposed to whom, right? they're 10% to 12% of the electorate that sort of holds back and says it depends -- chris: catholics. they usually wait until the last minute. >> if it's mitt romney and he seems kinds of safe, then he might be the candidate for them. chris: i think you're right. looking for something better than they got. m
Jul 10, 2011 9:00am PDT
who says he's got a 25 year record of being right about predictions. jon swartz and ben par are here. six books, three ipad or iphone apps, and something else. a newsletter and a website. >> yeah, exactly. six companies over the years and a variety of fields. actually more than three apps. there's a number of them that you can't get in the store, you can't find anywhere. and they're international and doing great. >> so you're work much harder than the rest of us. i used the eli lilly example of skipping the problem. that's interesting advice. give me another. >> understand whatever problem you've got, no matter what it is, that's pot it. you're smart. you would have solved it by now. you're working on the wrong one. for example, people will say i can't save money. i'm trying hard, i just can't save money. wrong problem. it's how you spend problem. change how you spend money and you'll save money by default. when i launched my first apps, i was told how are you going to be found in the apple store. and i decided to skip it, don't be found in the apple store, make every app that i rele
Jul 14, 2011 7:00am PDT
lights, michael c. hall, dexter, jon hamm, mad men, hugh laurie, house, and timothy olyphant, justified. >> no outstanding mini series or movie, the nominees are cinema, the kennedys, mildred pierce, the pillars of the earth, and too big to fail. >> the nomnys for lead actress in a mine any series or movie are henson, taken from me, the difference an any rubin story. diane lane, jean marsh, upstairs downstairs masterpiece, elizabeth mcgovern, masterpiece. and kate winslet, mildred pierce. >> the nominees for lead actor in a mini series or movie are alba, luther. lawrence fishburne, william hurt, too big to fail. greg kinnear, the kennedys. barry pepper, the kennedys. and edgar ramirez, carlos. >> the nomnys for outstanding host for a reality or reality competition program are tom bergeron respect dancing with the stars, cat deally, so you think you can dance, phil cogan, amazing race, jeff proebs, survivor, and ryan seacrest, "american idol." >> here are this year's nomnys for reality competition program. the amazing race, "american idol," danci"dancing with the s" project run way, so y
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3